Marta Poblet is an Associate Professor and VC Senior Researcher at RMIT (Melbourne, Australia) and past director of the UAB Institute of Law and Technology (IDT). She coordinates a number of research projects dealing with law and technology, crisis and conflict management, and alternative dispute resolution. Marta holds a Juris Doctorate from the Stanford  University (Stanford Law School, 2002) and a Masters degree in International Legal Studies (Stanford Law School, 2000). She is also a past Fellow of the Stanford Center on International Conflict and Negotiation (2001). Previously, she graduated in Political Sciences and Sociology at the UAB (1994) and in Law at the University of Barcelona (1992). Her research interests cover technology-oriented developments in legal organizations, judicial systems, mediation systems, online dispute resolution (ODR) and, more recently, mobile dispute resolution (an emerging field that focuses on the use of mobile phones and cell networks to facilitate the management and resolution of conflicts). One core objective of her research is to contribute to make legal practice and management of conflicts more efficient, speedier, and transparent to the citizens.

Marta is a team coordinator of the Standby Task Force, a volunteer-based network that represents the first wave in Online Community Emergency Response Teams.


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