Marta Poblet is a Professor in Law and Technology at RMIT (Melbourne, Australia) and past director of the UAB Institute of Law and Technology (IDT). She coordinates a number of research projects dealing with law and technology, crisis and conflict management, and alternative dispute resolution. Marta holds a Juris Doctorate from the Stanford  University (Stanford Law School, 2002) and a Masters degree in International Legal Studies (Stanford Law School, 2000). She is also a past Fellow of the Stanford Center on International Conflict and Negotiation (2001). Previously, she graduated in Political Sciences and Sociology at the UAB (1994) and in Law at the University of Barcelona (1992). Her research interests cover technology-oriented developments in civic action, legal organizations, judicial systems, mediation systems, online dispute resolution (ODR). She is also interested in the connections between technology developments (AI, blockchain, human computer interaction) and the different theories of democracy and citizenship. She has been the PI of a number of national and international research projects and has published over 80 scientific articles and book chapters on these topics.

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